Power not a privilege but an obligation, say Imams

Azlan Othman

A position of power is not a privilege, but rather an obligation to be carried out and accomplished fairly, said Imams in yesterday’s Friday sermon.

The call was made ahead of Civil Service Day, which will be observed with the objective of ensuring that public servants provide quality and efficient services.

The theme for this year’s celebrations is ‘Public Service with Integrity and Innovation, Catalyst for National Development’.

“Our jobs are an obligation that must be fulfilled, regardless of what they are, as long as they do not go against Islamic teachings. If we uphold such obligations, they will motivate us to be more diligent and dedicated in carrying out our duties,” said Imams during the sermon.

“When talking about obligations in the execution of our tasks and jobs, there are several matters that must be emphasised, such as punctuality and keeping away from corruption, gambling activities, abuse of power, and so on. Let us pray for public servants and those in the private sectors, or the self-employed, so that they may carry out their tasks sincerely with the hope of reaping multiple rewards and continuous blessings from Allah the Almighty,” the Imams said.