Patrols keep neighbourhoods safe

Wani Roslan

A series of crime prevention patrols were conducted in collaboration with the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) in Tutong District and Lamunin area recently.

In Tutong District, 17 personnel from the Tutong Police Station and Neighbourhood Watch members of Kampong Penabai patrolled the areas in Jalan Tutong including Kampong Kuala Tutong and the surrounding areas of Jalan Tembok Kuala Sungai Tutong.

Meanwhile in Lamunin, the patrol was led by Acting Village Head of Kampong Long Mayan Muhammad Eddy Suffian bin Abdullah. The group was accompanied by four personnel from the Lamunin Police Station.

They patrolled the areas in Kampong Merangking, old school areas as well as Kampong Long Mayan.

The patrols were also conducted at several villages which involved Neighbourhood Watch members from Kampong Bukit Sawat, Kampong Labu Estate and Kampong Pisau-Piasau, STKRJ Kampong Lorong 3 Seria, Kampong Bolkiah ‘A’ and ‘B’, and Kampong Ukong. No suspicious activities were recorded.

The RBPF invited youth to participate in Neighbourhood Watch patrols to ensure the safety of the villages.

A Neighbourhood watch patrol underway. PHOTO: WANI ROSLAN