Ong Seong-wu shares about his character in ‘Moments of 18’

Faruq Bostaman

Ong Seong-wu (pic below) had a photoshoot for Maria Claire’s October issue recently.

After the shoot, in an interview he shared about his recently concluded drama Moments of 18 where he played the male lead role Choi Joon-woo, according to Soompi.

He said it feels unreal that the filming is complete. He also expressed his gratitude to the director for his help throughout the drama which helped him immerse into his character.

On his character in the drama, he said, “I’m someone who’s descriptive, but Joon-woo doesn’t explain. He pushes down his emotions and then expresses them all at once.”

Despite his struggles to portray Choi Joon-woo, Ong Seong-wu said he simply chose to take the role because Choi Joon Woo was charming. He explained, “I liked the fact that he was growing. I was at a point where I needed to grow too, so I empathised with his story.”

Talking about the most memorable reaction to his acting, he mentioned the hashtag, “Choi Joon-woo who was completed by Ong Seong-wu”. He said, “I was very touched by that. In the end, I’m the one who had to complete the character Choi Joon-woo instead of copying a character someone else has completed.”