Nine caught for gambling

James kon & Hakim Hayat

Eight individuals, ages 30 to 81, comprising seven locals and a Malaysian were detained by Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) for alleged gambling activity at Kampong Rompou, Jalan Bukit Ukong in Tutong District on Tuesday night.

The raid was carried out by Tutong Police Station personnel along with Anti-Vice and Gambling Suppression Unit from Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the RBPF at midnight.

The suspects will be investigated under Section 6(1) of Common Gambling Houses Act, Chapter 28.

Meanwhile, a 55-year-old permanent resident was apprehended during a raid at a business premise selling hardware in Beribi yesterday. According to ASP Norainah binti Haji Mohd Salleh of the CID, the suspect Ting Teo Ngo was believed to have received betting numbers from a four-digit lottery activity at the shop.

A number of cash and papers containing four-digit lottery numbers were confiscated during the raid and the suspect was brought to the police station for questioning.

The case is being investigated under the Open Gambling Houses Act, Chapter 28, Section 4(c) for the offence of managing a lottery that can bring a fine of up to BND20,000 and 12 months imprisonment if convicted.

The RBPF thanked the public for sharing information on the gambling activity. The police also reminded the public not to participate in any illegal activities.