National Silat athletes train at Berakas Beach

James Kon

Thirty national Pencak Silat athletes are undergoing intensive training to prepare for the Singapore Open, SEA Games in the Philippines and World Pencak Silat Championship in 2020.

Under the scorching sun, the Pencak Silat athletes went to the Berakas Forest Reserve Recreational Park’s beach for training yesterday.

National Silat Coach Suhartono and Assistant Coach Haji Muhd Khairul Bahrin led the training session.

Suhartono said, “We are currently in preparation for the October competitions – Singapore Open, Pre-SEA Games competition in Manila – and the SEA Games in December.”

He said the training started since he arrived six months ago and preparations are in progress. The sessions compirse three days of physical training and technical training everyday excluding Thursday night.

“Today’s training at the beach is more physical because it is physically draining.”

Suhartono was in Brunei Darussalam from 2008 to 2014 and was in Thailand until 2018.

He hopes that his return to coach Brunei’s Silat team can boost the athletes’ preparation and bring glory to Brunei.

National Pencak Silat athletes training at Berakas Beach. PHOTO: JAMES KON