Liberian chiefs urge President to fight impunity

MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) — Over 300 chiefs representing Liberia’s rural and traditional bloc have called on the President to set up a war and economic crimes court as part of measures to fight impunity that has impeded the growth of Africa’s oldest independent republic.

The representative chiefs are powerful and particularly influential in political decision-making and voting processes in the rural belts In their statement, released at the close of a week-long gathering in the capital, the chiefs expressed disappointment over the government’s handling of millions of dollars since George Weah assumed the presidency.

This includes USD104 million in newly minted local banknotes and USD25 million withdrawn from the Federal Reserve accounts for infusion into the economy to strengthen the local currency.

The government has so far failed to properly account for those funds, the group said.

“The country is shaking because the government refuses to clear our doubts” over how the money was used, the chiefs said in their statement.