Liam Gallagher wants to see Dec Donnelly play brother Noel in movie

BANG! NEWS – Liam Gallagher thinks TV presenter Dec Donnelly should play his brother and rival Noel Gallagher in a film.

The 47-year-old rocker has poked fun at his older brother Noel yet again by making a joke about his height, when he said that Dec – known for being one half of presenting duo Ant and Dec, and the shorter of the pair – would make the perfect candidate to play Noel in a movie.

When asked during Vogue’s ‘73 Questions’ series who would play Noel – who at 5’9″ is just one inch shorter than his brother – in a movie about their band, Oasis, Liam said, “The little fella out of Ant and Dec, is it Dec?”

But while he’s already picked his dream casting for 52-year-old Noel, he doesn’t have any actors in mind when it comes to his own character.

Asked who would play him, the Shockwave singer said, “I’m easy man, as long as they’ve got the haircut right and the chat and that and I’m down, I’m cool with anyone.”

For the actor who does play Liam in a film about the Wonderwall hitmakers, they’ll need to perfect his iconic on stage stance, which sees him place his hands behind his back.

Speaking about his pose, he said, “I never wanted to be Mick Jagger, and I’m not into dancing, it’s not my scene and that. So I just think … you know, you just stand like that [with your hands behind your back] and you’ve got a bit more power behind the vocals.”

The actor in question will also need to pick up on his “big, baggy, and authentic” sense of style, which he says hasn’t changed at all over the years.