Lead by example, village heads told

Syazwani Hj Rosli

Village heads must act wisely when addressing issues raised by the community, said Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) Abdul Walid bin Haji Matassan.

“The role of a village head is to not only be the eyes, ears and the tongue, but also serve as the inter-mediator between the government and the village residents. The village head must protect and monitor the interests and safety of the villagers under his care,” he said.

Abdul Walid made these comments as the guest of honour during the appointment certificate presentation ceremony to the newly appointed Village Head of STKRJ Kampong Sungai Buloh (Bukit Sibanging), A Hamidun bin Mohd Daud at the Mukim Mentiri Community Hall yesterday morning.

Also present were Legislative Council members, Brunei-Muara District Officer Misle bin Haji Abdul Karim, senior officers from the MoHA, acting mukim penghulu, village heads, acting village heads and committee members of the village consultative council and residents of STKRJ Kampong Sungai Buloh (Bukit Sibanging).

“It is very important for village heads as the grassroots leaders to always ‘lead by example’ his people, including village consultative council members. I believe a positive attitude fostering warmth and strengthening relationship with the villagers are the best approach that every grassroots leader should adopt,” he added.

Guest of honour Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) Abdul Walid bin Haji Matassan presents the Appointment Certificate to the new Village Head of STKRJ Kampong Sungai Buloh (Bukit Sibanging) A Hamidun bin Mohd Daud. PHOTO: SYAZWANI HJ ROSLI

Abdul Walid said a village head, as the role model of the village, must be responsible for creating, maintaining and sustaining understanding, unity and harmony in the community.

He added that the village head must also encourage cooperation and teamwork among villagers, especially Village Consultative Council members.

Abdul Walid said mutual agreement between both parties will further enhance a culture of teamwork while conducting activities and programmes including the ‘One Village, One Product’ (1K1P) activity.

The guest of honour presented the Appointment Certificate to A Hamidun, who later recited the oath and signed the Ikrar Taat Setia witnessed by the guest of honour and attendees prior to the recitation of Doa Selamat.

The event concluded with the officiation of the village head signage by the guest of honour at the front yard of A Hamidun’s residence at STKRJ Kampong Sungai Buloh (Bukit Sibanging).

A Hamidun, 54, was a Level III Storekeeper at the Ministry of Defence (MinDef) before retiring. He was appointed as the Assistant Secretary of Kampong Batu Marang Village Consultative Council for the 2007-2012 session. He has been living in the village since 2011.

A Hamidun was the sole candidate for the position and won the election with 78 per cent of votes, 520 votes out of 668.