Kumon Ascend opens doors in Belait

Daniel Lim

“I want to develop children who will continue learning throughout their lives even after they have left formal education, grow into people who are proactive in everything they do and contribute positively to our society,” said Chief Instructor of the Kumon Ascend Cindy Koh at the grand opening ceremony of Kumon Ascend at the building at Jalan Sungai Pandan, Kuala Belait yesterday morning.

The ceremony was held to officiate the opening of the newest branch for Kumon in the country, Kumon Ascend, in line with Kumon’s vision of advancing students in small steps and at their own pace.

Officiating the opening of the latest branch as the guest of honour was General Manager of Kumon Singapore and Brunei Masahiro Takatsu. He was welcomed to the branch by Cindy Koh.

Cindy Koh said after being a mother, the role of an educator has become an even more important aspect of her life as she prays that her daughter will have dedicated teachers committed in helping to develop to her fullest potential.

She said she realised that she can be in that position to help inspire and help lead other children during their growth and development.

She also noted in naming the learning centre ‘Ascend’, which means to go or move upwards and commonly associated with ascending mountains; she explained that climbing a mountain takes not only preparation in terms of improving the physical strength but also great mental fortitude.

“Mountain climbers persevere through challenging conditions with a clear goal in mind, as well as having commitment, discipline and perseverance; all of this will sound very familiar to Kumon students. We get to practice this day in and day out and these are the values I want the children here to have. When the going gets tough, my team and I will be there to support and encourage them,” she said.

Masahiro Takatsu and Cindy Koh officiated the opening of Kumon Ascend with the ribbon-cutting ceremony. A brief presentation was also delivered by Cindy Koh outlining the various features and practices at Kumon to the attendees comprising parents and guardians.

General Manager of Kumon Singapore and Brunei Masahiro Takatsu and Chief Instructor of the Kumon Ascend Cindy Koh cut the ribbon to officiate the opening of the Kumon Ascend branch. PHOTOS: KUMON ASCEND
Cindy Koh delivers a presentation to the attendees.