Keep your timepiece ticking with Richman

Richman Luxury, founded by Jin Goh, is a retail store established in Singapore that specialises in watch winders, devices used to preserve the quality of automatic watches by winding them when stored.

With over 1,000 designs, Richman’s watch winders are supported by Japanese motors and are designed to articulate sheer luxury and ensure absolute functionality. Each winder is unique and features timeless elegant detailing, with velvet-smooth interior and customised exterior finishes.

With a brand philosophy of delivering personalised products and paying attention to details, Richman also offers fine jewellery boxes, watch cases and luxury watch winder safes, which are individually tailored to create a unique experience and safe-keep precious jewellery and timepieces in pristine condition.

The Luxury Jewellery & Accessories boxes are great organisers and are highly versatile and can even often double up as a fashion accessory.

A class and elegance for every unique personality through seasonal ranges and campaigns.

Richman Luxury first began with Leather jewellery boxes and Timepiece boxes. Over time, the Richman collection has grown to travel accessories, timepieces Watch Winders, watch winder safes, jewellery and small leather goods to cater to our consumer’s lifestyle needs. The products suit every kind of occasion and of every place. Each collection has been artfully designed to be versatile in practicality while still maintaining its class.

Often released in a variety of colours suited for every mood, the items can even be matched with pre-existing collections. Design and versatility embodied in one. Embodying the culture of Richman Luxury, it represents the Richman brand embody a style of bespoke class and refined elegance.