Jamal decides on child’s name

Faruq Bostaman

Malaysian singer Datuk Jamal Abdullah, 60, chose the name Azura Yamani for the third child he is expecting on October 5.

He said that the popularity of the 1984 film Azura has made a huge impact on his life and career to this day, according to Berita Harian Online.

“Whenever people see me, they will shout Azura! The same happens when I perform. Fans usually ask me to sing Azura, even when I have other songs,” he said. “This has made me want to name my next child Azura,” he said after releasing his duet with Wany Hasrita, Belenggu Rindu.

His wife is expected to deliver their child at a Health Centre in Shah Alam, Selangor. Jamal also shared that it has been 13 years since the birth of his second child, he is ready to help his wife to take care of the baby including changing the diaper.