Give due respect to teachers, urge Imams

Azlan Othman

Islam has urged the Ummah to respect and appreciate teachers and not to insult or fight back when confronted in fear of losing blessings from the knowledge imparted by the teachers.

In the Friday sermon yesterday prior to the Teacher’s Day celebration which will be observed on Monday, Imams said teachers must be dedicated in relaying knowledge, caring and loving, fair and not practise favouritism.

They should also be highly committed in their work, prepare the lesson plan, protect self-dignity and the dignity of their family and not engage in activities that could taint the image through their attire, conversation and attitude, the Imams said.

They said in Islam, disseminating knowledge is of noble value and teachers have a crucial role to play in educating children in their to help them excel in life and inculcate decent values.

Teachers are influential in shaping one’s life and characteristics. Teachers should stay away from bad attitude. They should have patience, be sincere in relaying knowledge and educating the children and not merely aim for rank promotion, material gain or to receive praise, the Imams said.

Teachers are responsible in enriching students with knowledge, skills and values. Teachers are also entrusted to produce a person capable of fulfilling worldly demands and in the hereafter. There are many wisdoms gained for respecting teachers. These include gaining success in this world and hereafter, shaping personalities and values and more importantly gaining knowledge that is blessed by Allah the Almighty, they said.

“The Ummah should appreciate their struggles in educating the people. A teacher’s task is not easy as it demands struggle, commitment in terms of time, resources, material and so on. We should be thankful to them. Parents should also respect teachers who educate their children,” the Imams said.

Teacher’s Day is celebrated annually in the country and this year carries the theme ‘Quality Education, the Basis for Students Excellence’. The celebration recognises the teachers for their service to educate the masses and develop the nation.