Fiat Chrysler to pay USD40M fine for misleading sales figures

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Fiat Chrysler will pay a USD40 million fine for “falsely reporting” United States (US) car sales from 2012 to 2016, US regulators said on Friday.

The Michigan-based FCA US was “misleading investors about the number of new vehicles sold each month to customers in the US,” the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said.

The false reports claimed the company had achieved a ‘streak’ of uninterrupted monthly year-over-year sales growth, when in fact, the growth streak had been broken in September 2013,” the SEC said.

On the key performance indicator, the SEC said, “FCA US inflated new vehicle sales results by paying dealers to report fake vehicle sales,” and keeping unreported sales in a database often referred to as a “cookie jar”.

The regulator said FCA US and its parent company will pay the fine.

In a statement, FCA – created in October 2014 when the two auto giants merged – called the issue a “legacy sales reporting matter,” and said the company cooperated fully to resolve the matter.

The company “is committed to maintaining strong controls regarding its sales reporting,” FCA said, adding that the fine “will not have a material impact on the financial statements of the company.”