Deloitte Brunei’s first All-Star to undergo mentorship

Azlan Othman

Deloitte in Brunei has signed up its first Deloitte All-Star to an incipient programme aimed at preparing young talents for future employment.

Fikri bin Haji Ali, a former student at Jerudong International School (JIS) and a Ministry of Education Scholar who recently scored four A*/A for his A-Level exams, has been accepted by Deloitte into this programme that aims to provide students with the attributes that render them work-ready after graduation.

Under the programme, Fikri completed an internship with the firm while waiting for his A-Level results. He will now undergo mentoring by Deloitte Partner Haji Zulfariq bin Haji Zainuddin, until he finishes his degree programme and gains successful employment of his own choice.

“The Deloitte All-Star programme is all about building dynamism and professional confidence. We recognised that many fresh graduates lack the dynamism and professional confidence that many employers so often look for in new hires,” said Haji Zulfariq.

“We realised that these graduates were often quite disconnected with the world outside their academic studies and university life. Many performed excellently academically, but struggled to adapt to a real-life working environment and the challenges that come with it. We realised that we had to do something to bridge the gap, but on a focused and consistent basis.

“Under this programme, students will not only get the opportunity to work on real life engagements whilst interning with us, but they will be consistently mentored during their time at university right up till they commence successful employment. The mentorship period is aimed at providing advice and guidance. This includes advice on what kind of optional modules to be taken, which clubs to join, and what to watch, listen or read, to keep up to date with the demands and challenges of the future workplace,” he added.

The Deloitte All-Stars programme is open to all pre-university students from both government and private schools in Brunei who have achieved academic and co-curricular excellence.

Deloitte Partner Haji Zulfariq bin Haji Zainuddin presents a certificate of completion to Fikri bin Haji Ali. PHOTO: DELOITTE