Dancers shine in competition

Daania Yasmeen Zayd

Chung Hwa Middle School (CHMS) held its annual Interclass Dancing Competition, themed ‘Dance to the Beat’, at the Darussalam Hall of the school on July 12.

The competition aimed to promote traditional Chinese culture and values. Principal of CHMS Kho Guik Lan emphasised the importance of preserving traditional values in a society rapidly undergoing modern advancement.

The competition comprised three categories in which 14 teams competed. The champion of the lower primary group was awarded to ‘Dancing Colourful Cloud in Yaoshan’ while ‘The Bell Fairies’ won in the upper primary group. In the secondary category, ‘Onward to Victory’ was crowned the winner.

In between the performances of each category, we were delightfully entertained by some amazing singing as well as spectacular performances. Chief judge Stephanie Wong said the students showed continuous improvement over the years.

Guest of honour, Officer of General Affairs of the CHMS Board of Directors Ting Tiaw Khing presented the awards along with the board Vice Chairmen Wee Meng Han and Lim Ting Chai.

Winner of the Secondary Category ‘Onward to Victory’