Creation of policing ‘Think Tank’ can benefit nation

It is not an overstatement to say that the retired community of police officers has a gold mine in the form of accumulated policing experience.

For better appreciation and understanding of this scenario; if you assemble 10 retirees, each with a conservative 20-year service, you will have amassed 200 years of policing experience.

The accrued wealth of knowledge can be harnessed and utilised positively.

With appropriate cultivation and stringent selection process of the individuals, a potentially valuable tool in policing can be structured.

Based on this thinking, the creation of a ‘Think Tank’ comprising suitable retired officers is worthy of serious consideration.

File photo of Royal Brunei Police Force personnel. The writer believes that the creation of a policing ‘Think Tank’ comprising suitable retired police officers can be beneficial to the police force, society and nation. PHOTO: JAMES KON

Admittedly, many within the retired community of police officers would, for a multitude of reasons, unlikely be receptive of such a move.

However, I believe that there are able and capable individuals who are willing to take up the role and challenges.

These individuals can be the potential candidates for the project.

By introducing this concept, it will ensure that the policing knowledge gained be preserved and not go to waste.

The ‘Think Tank’ can deliberate on subject matters of interest within the realm of police strategies and functions.

The findings can then be used to enhance policing in the country, which will in turn benefit society and by extension the country.

Walter D Boyd