CHMS celebrates Environmental Awareness Day

Amal Nadhirah

Chung Hwa Middle School (CHMS), Bandar Seri Begawan organised the Environmental Awareness Day to promote the concerns of ecology, revitalising life on earth, and to emphasise growing concern of water and air pollution.

The Environmental Awareness day was held on the April 22, but it was conducted on June 15 at the school’s Darussalam Hall.

Vice Chairmen of the CHMS Board of Directors Lim Ming Kiat and Pang Eng Guan; Treasurer of the CHMS Board of Directors Lee Chung Keng; Officer of General Affairs Ting Tiaw Khing; Vice Officer of General Affairs Lim Ting Guan; Director Tan San Hock; Principal of CHMS Kho Guik Lan; deputy principal; assistant principal; teachers and students attended the event.

The guest of honour, Lim Ting Chai encouraged the students to help conserve the environment and save the earth by taking small steps at a time, such as cutting down the usage of plastic per person and applying the 4R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Reduction) as a habit in our lifestyle.

Among the highlights of the activities during the Environmental Awareness day were the unveiling of the Environmental Awareness model presented by the Geography department, a roleplay by the Year 9 students regarding the importance of the 4R’s in our daily life and an interclass Geography Quiz held between two finalists, Year 8A and Year 11A.

The Geography Quiz was won by the Year 8A students, the team members were Arshia, Flora Ngu, Yu Ling and Yin Xin. While the Year 11A secured second place in the Geography Quiz, the team members were Aliyah, Barrichello Selos, Muizaddin Muhaimin and Muhammad Aamirul Aqlan.

The principal said students must be must be aware of the global environmental issues and work hand in hand to mitigate the seriousness of issues concerning nature.

Guest of honour, Vice Chairman of CHMS Board of Directors Lim Ting Chai in a group photo