Cars parked outside school a hazard to road users

I would like to raise the issue of cars parked haphazardly outside the Beribi Religious School every school day around 4pm.

I understand that parents are waiting for their children to finish their classes but parking in such a narrow area is very dangerous.

I have had multiple encounters where cars are parked too close to the road or driving into the lane without checking if cars are driving past.

I understand that parking is limited at the school and that parking at the side of the road is convenient.

But parents and guardians should realise that this endangers other road users and your children.

Can the authorities look into this and perhaps allocate a proper waiting area or make the school parking bigger?

Safety First on the Road

Photo shows cars parked outside the Beribi Religious School. The writer believes that cars parked outside the school poses a danger to other road users