California Highway Patrol captures flightless fugitive emu

FRESNO, California (AP) — California authorities have captured an emu after the flightless fugitive led officers down a highway.

The Fresno Bee reported last Friday that the bird was apprehended following a brief pursuit by California Highway Patrol officers.

Authorities said officers responded to a report that an ostrich was wandering along the right-hand shoulder of United Sates (US) Highway 99 northwest of Fresno.

Authorities said Madera County Animal Services took the bird into custody uninjured. Officers said they do not know whether the emu escaped from a nearby farm or a moving vehicle.

Animal experts said the flightless native Australian birds can sprint at up to 30mph and trot quickly for longer distances. Emus are the second-largest birds in the world behind the ostrich.

CHP officers with an officer from Madera County Animal Services use dog snares to capture an emu that was found wandering along California Highway 99, north of Madera, California. PHOTO: AP