Busy day for Junior Girl Guides

Lyna Mohamad

About 80 Junior Girl Guides including officers, coaches and staff of the Co-Curriculum Education Department (JPKK), Ministry of Education (MoE) leaders and supervisors participated in the ‘Day with Junior Girl Guides’ at the Mata-Mata Gadong Primary School.

The programme, held in conjunction with the school break, was jointly sponsored by JPKK, in collaboration with the junior Girl Guides Association, to shape the development of children’s personality towards holistic education, which is the first step in developing quality people through buddy scouting programmes.

The programme aimed to understand the basics of junior girl guides in line with the motto and laws of the girl guides to help and care for the people.

The event began with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah and Doa Selamat, followed by the welcoming remarks by Co-Deputy Chairperson Hajah Hainyisah binti Haji Mustapha, who is also the Headmistress of Mata-Mata Gadong Primary School.

The programme featured The Brownie Road Stage 11 such as laundry, folding and ironing, Brunei’s traditional games and Games Brownie Footpath Stage 1, which involved the use of senses.

The participants also engaged in making sandwiches, pancakes, pizza, popcorn, fried rice, drinks and desserts.

They also participated in handicraft activities using waste materials and made it into picture frames, baskets, bags, pencil holders, money boxes, files and flowers.

The programme concluded with guest of honour Assistant Director of Co-Curriculum Education, Department of Co-Curriculum Education, MoE Mohammad Norliham bin Haji Jais presenting certificates to the participants.