Brand new MG ZS launched at IAA

Lyna Mohamad

As the sole authorised distributor for MG cars in Brunei, GHK Motors announced the launch of the new MG ZS, the iconic British motor brand SAIC MG’s new high-end compact SUV, at the biennial ‘Motor Olympics’ (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany on Tuesday.

Featuring the latest L2 Partially Automated Driving Technology from Bosch, GHK Motors in its press release shared that this new model provides the cutting-edge intelligent solution to control traffic congestion, mitigate potential safety risks in driving and extend driving enjoyment.

SAIC, ranked 39th in the Fortune Global 500 as the largest Chinese motor manufacturer, has a long-term close cooperation with Bosch.

With the new MG ZS to hit the market in China next month, the MG Pilot L2+ Intelligent Drive System will also be applied to more new MG models in the future.

It’s also the first carmaker to implement the strategy of “electric, intelligent networking, sharing and international”, hence enjoying an advantage in forward-looking technologies including intelligent drive.

MG exerts a great influence over the global market and young consumers with MG ZS, the brand’s global hit, sweeping over four continents and 36 countries, as it has become one of the best sellers in several markets, especially in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, six Gulf countries, Thailand and Chile, attracting 250,000 new car buyers in just two years.

The new MG ZS by iconic British motor brand SAIC MG. PHOTO: MG BRUNEI (GHK Motors)

The new electric model MG ZS EV was earlier launched in the UK in July and has already secured enough orders to make it one of the best-selling electric cars.

The model will be launched at the biggest European electric vehicle markets in the Netherlands and Norway in the middle of this month. Expected to cover most of the European market in the near future, this very bright new spark is embedded with the most advanced MG Pilot L2+ Intelligent Drive System, which integrates advanced driver assistance systems.

These include ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), LDW (Lane Departure Warning) and AEB-Cyclist (Automated Emergency Braking – Cyclist) as well as the L2 Partially Automated Driving functions like TJA (Traffic Jam Assist) and ICA (Integrated Cruise Assist, renamed Highway Assist base for Bosch).

Its super hardware, Multipurpose Camera (MPC) and Mid-Range Radar (MRR), is elaborately designed and provided by Bosch too, having the ability to detect, identify the driving scenario and vehicle condition accurately and timely, despite complicated road conditions or unfavourable weather.

Based on this system, the new MG ZS realises Partially Automated Driving function in multiple scenarios, such as following front vehicle, brake or lane centering in heavy traffic and enables car owners to enjoy the ‘Safety Fast’ driving passion.

In addition to the MG Pilot L2+ Intelligent Drive System, the new MG ZS is also characterised by its 260TGI twin-turbo engine, the latest generation of Aisin 6AT automatic gearbox (a first for a compact SUV) and the latest SAIC-Alibaba Banma 3.0 system.

The new MG ZS featuring “design+, power+, safety+, intelligence+”, has attracted great attention from consumers after its initial reveal in China and it will undoubtedly inspire customers seeking the latest trends in new car design.