Albania inspects quake damages, sees over 100 aftershocks

POGRADEC, Albania (AP) — Many Albanians in the capital of Tirana and the port city of Durres have not gone back home after a 5.8 magnitude earthquake injured 105 people and damaged hundreds of homes.

Authorities said the Saturday afternoon quake was followed by more than 100 aftershocks. It also damaged about 600 homes and knocked out power and water facilities in Tirana, Durres and some other western and central districts. Many people fled their homes and were staying in temporary shelters as experts inspected damaged homes yesterday.

Defence Minister Olta Xhacka, speaking at a Cabinet meeting yesterday that felt one of the aftershocks, said, “luckily oil wells were not damaged.” Located along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, Albania is earthquake-prone and registers seismic activity every few days.

Damaged cars outside the Faculty of Geology building after an earthquake in Tirana. PHOTO: AP