Yoon Bomi, Lee Tae Hwan return to ‘Farming Academy’

Faruq Bostaman

SBS Mobidic and Freecong’s drama series Farming Academy will be coming back for a second season.

The original main cast members Apink’s Yoon Bomi, Lee Tae Hwan and Lee Min Ji will return for the second season, according to Soompi.

Lee Jong Won and Choi Ji Soo will be joining the series as well.

Lee Tae Hwan commented, “I’m pleased to reunite with the director, scriptwriter, and actors. I’ll do my best so the season becomes another happy memory for me.”

Yoon Bomi said, “Thanks to the love we received for season one, we were able to reunite. It’s like the happy feeling of meeting your friends again at school after the break ends.”

Producer director Eun Ji Hyang said, “The chemistry between the production staff and actors in this drama is perfect. I feel honoured to have joined season two as a producer. This will be a refreshing drama.”

Farming Academy tells the story of young adults who attend Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The second season will show Joo Suk (Lee Tae Hwan), Han Byul (Yoon Bomi), and Yoo Jin (Lee Min Ji) in their senior year of high school agonising over their future after graduation.

The second season of Farming Academy began production on August 14.

Apink member Bomi, (L) and actor Lee Tae-hwan pose during a press event for the drama Farming Academy. PHOTO: SBS