Yemeni teen drowns while attempting to take a selfie on a jetski in Langkawi

LANGKAWI (Bernama) – A Yemeni teenager drowned after falling off his jetski while attempting to take a selfie at sea near the popular Cenang Beach, in Langkawi Malaysia.

In the 11.15am incident, Al-Shabibi Ibrahim Manueer, 17, was also reported to have taken off his life jacket before he was hit by strong waves and fell into the sea.

Langkawi Civil Defence Force (CDF) Disaster Operations officer, Lt Azamshah Apearal said other jets skiers noticed the incident and tried to rescue the victim.

“The victim was taken to the Cenang Beach and was given the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but it was unsuccessful to save him,” he said when contacted.

Langkawi District Police Chief Superintendent Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim when contacted confirmed the incident.

“The victim was later taken to Sultanah Maliha Hospital where he was pronounced dead by a medical officer,” he added.