Yayat Abdul gets sponsorship ahead of One Warrior Series bout

|    Khairil Hassan    |

LOCAL mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Mohd Norhidayat Abdul of Khalifa MMA has received sponsorship from OCDBN Auto Detailing Service, for his fight in the One Warrior Series in Singapore on August 6.

Hidayat, commonly known as Yayat Abdul, will face Indonesia’s top prospect Toreq Rayis of Bali MMA in the series. The 29-year-old currently holds Brunei’s best record of six wins and one loss (one win in One Warrior Series). His latest fight was a win over Thailand’s Sonya Kongkatonk in April.

The local fighter has also been appointed as the brand ambassador for OCDBN Auto Detailing Service.

“We are appointing Norhidayat as our brand ambassador. We are looking forward to move forward together,” OCDBN Auto Detailing Service Managing Partners Hafiiz Ranie and Rashid Zakaria told the Bulletin.

Hafiiz and Rashid are avid followers of the combat sports, which was why they said they have decided to sponsor Norhidayat.

“We would like to support the local athletes and give them the opportunity to grow and go far. As our corporate social responsibility, we do believe that giving back to the community is essential and wish him all the best.

“We would like to urge everyone to watch his fight if they are in Singapore or watch him live online as a support,” they said.

Mohd Norhidayat Abdul (C) with OCDBN Managing Partners Hafiiz Ranie and Rashid Zakaria. – KHAIRIL HASSAN