xDrive Xperience

Aziz Idris

The event was divided into eight sessions and spread across three-days, with each session lasting about three hours from registration, safety briefing and actual test-drive.

Participants got their hand behind the latest car models equipped with xDrive technology comprising of BMW Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs) such as BMW X1, X3, BMW X4 and BMW X5.

Under the expert guidance of BMW trainers led by Wong Kah Keen, a Certified Advance, Intensive and Mottorad Instructor by the BMW Driving Experience and International Instructors Academy.

Participants got to experience the extraordinary control, manoeuvrability and the grit of signature BMW xDrive technology on specially designed off-road course located in Jalan Ban 1.

Each driver had to complete several checkpoints during the session which include the mud pool, hill climb and decent, ninja crawl and slide slopes.

However, the intelligent all-wheel drive system in BMW SAVs enables participants to drive their vehicles like a sports car on off-road terrain.

The team also managed to venture into the beach and jungle trek on the last day of the BMW xDrive Xperience 2019.

Photos show participants experience the extraordinary control, manoeuvrability and the grit of signature BMW xDrive technology on specially designed off-road course. PHOTOS: AZIZ IDRIS

Customers were also shown a demonstration of BMW xDrive on articulation ramp where it stimulated conditions where one or two wheels are off the ground – BMW xDrive system will transfer more force and power to the wheels that have more traction on the ramp.

Also the time-lag between the loss of wheel grip on the surface and the re-distribution of drive forces to wheels with grip is only a few milliseconds.

According to Mr Wong Kah Keen – or popularly known as Mr KK Wong, “It was great to share and let the BMW enthusiasts experience what is so special about our SAVs and the amazing capabilities of these cars with xDrive technology. The cars went through challenging natural terrains with different surfaces such as beach, mud, gravel and easily overcame these challenges.”

Meanwhile one participant, Ariffin Hj Masrah, CEO of a shipping company, in an interview said, “It was a fantastic experience. Never had experienced this before. During the activity, I was driving the all-new BMW X5, same car that I have. The xDrive system is very beautiful. I’d like to experience this one more time in the future.”

For Mohd Hafiiz Bin Awg Ramle, co-founder of a car detailing company, his experience was quite different than other driving experiences that he had joined previously.

“BMW Brunei did a great job. The challenges were very real-life. The system in the xDrive really was amazing especially the automatic changes following the situation of the terrain.”

As claimed by Captain Sharifah Czarena Suriany Binti Syed Hashim “It was really good! I was really looking forward to this (event). It was what I expected and a bit more.”

“I was driving the BMW X5 and it was very responsive and I think it drove really well on the track itself. I think the air suspension really helps a lot and it was also a car that I was looking forward to trying – just because it was a similar-ish car that we drive at the moment. It was good to experience the BMW X5 on the track. It gives a lot of confidence on what the car is capable of. “

General Manager of QAF Auto, Siva Kumar Krishnan commented that the event aim to provide new, memorable experiences to customers, therefore, it was befitting that this year’s drive focused exclusively on BMW X models.

Last year, QAF Auto organised the BMW Driving Experience at Jerudong Park where it was awarded the best BMW Brand Experience by BME Group Asia.

QAF Auto is focused on experiential marketing by creating physical and emotional engagement with customers by providing track-driving, off-road and on-road experiences.

“We will be sending customers to Sepang later on in October this year for BMW M Track Day. We want our customers to enjoy and test our BMW cars and to be confident with our brand. They will be able to unleash the power of the newest and most dynamic models in the BMW M lineup,” said Siva Kumar Krishnan.