Workshop promotes cultural heritage

Daniel Lim

THE cultural workshop recently held as part of an initiative by the Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) Unit of the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) Jefri Bolkiah Campus (JBC), Kuala Belait in collaboration with the Youth Cultural Movement (YCM), promoted the country’s cultural heritage, the campus MIB Unit Head Fahrurrazi bin Haji Awang Matali said.

Aimed at disseminating information on the country’s traditional cultural heritage, the workshop is an annual activity held for the third time this year by the MIB Unit which aims to ensure that the traditional values and heritage are passed to the students of the campus.

Sixty-two students from the new intake for the HNTec of Information and Technology and HNTec of Computer Networking, both of which are for the 2019-2021; as well as members of the campus’s Students Representative Council (MPP) participated in the workshop.

The MIB Unit of the campus also sought help from YCM, a group comprising former participants of the 41st Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme (SSEAYP), to make the youth aware about Brunei’s traditional culture.

Students participated in various activities over the course of the afternoon, which included briefings and talks by YCM members covering topics on Brunei’s traditional culture, practical exercise and activities such as learning how to fold the dastar and sinjang, as well as performing cultural dances.

YCM members explain to students on how to perform a traditional dance. – PHOTO: DANIEL LIM

“We hope that the workshop will continue to be held annually, especially for the new intake. We also hope that the workshop will serve as a platform for other similar programme to be held for the rest of the students of the campus,” he said.

Fahrurrazi hoped the students gained knowledge from the workshop and would inculcate the values disseminated during the workshop into their daily lives, gaining an understanding of the importance how traditions can help form a singular identity.

He also hoped the students will pass on Brunei’s traditional cultural heritage to the new generation.

The students and instructors also participated in competition and quizzes.

One competition was to select the student who could fold the dastar and sinjang best. Meanwhile for the quiz round, YCM members asked questions on the country’s culture and heritage.

Winners of both contests received prizes.