Workshop leaves students on better footing

Aziz Idris

To teach the younger generation to embrace complexity through real world issues, the Oil and Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC) completed another NXplorers workshop for 39 Year 10 students from St Andrew’s School yesterday.

The workshop was conducted for four days on August 7, 8, 9 and 14. Yesterday the students pitched the projects they had developed from earlier days.

As part of Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd’s (BSP) flagship programme, NXplorers equips students and teachers with skills in problem solving, critical thinking and dealing with complexity. These skills are crucial to better adapt to a rapidly changing world.

During the workshop, the students were educated on the NX tools by NXplorers trainers from OGDC, namely OGDC Head Nur Karnina binti Karim and OGDC Lead of Exhibition and Education Allen Jaffran bin Abdullah. The application of teamwork and leadership were also emphasised so students would work together in solving problems rationally and strategically.

By utilising the NX tools and resources, students were able to come up with project proposals with potential solutions. They included the utilisation of LED bulbs for their school, starting a school farm to provide fresh green supplies for the school canteen, and the utilisation of food waste and transforming the waste to biofuel.

Abigail Syadiva, one of the students that participated in the workshop and best female speaker, noted that the workshop encouraged her to broaden her thinking, and boosted her confidence when delivering their project presentation through the utilisation of the Persuasion Pyramid NX Tool.

Lin Hao Xiang, also one of the best speakers, found the NX tools useful when it comes to decision-making as they were taught to assess the entity of cause at multiple angles.

NX Best Presentation Group. PHOTO: OGDC