Woman killed by falling rocks on Mt Fuji

TOKYO (Xinhua) – A woman was killed after being hit by falling rocks while climbing Mount Fuji, local media and police reported yesterday.

According to the report, the woman in her 20s was climbing with a group when she was struck near the peak of Japan’s tallest mountain.

An emergency call was received by rescue officials at around 7am, saying a woman had been injured close to the peak of the 3,776-metre volcanic mountain.

The group had climbed a route along a hiking trail that begins in Fujiyoshida City in Yamanashi Prefecture, according to local police.

One member of the group told rescue officials the woman was struck in the head by falling rocks.

As a result of the fatal accident, the route between a rest station and the summit, at an elevation of around 3,450 metres, has been closed to the public.