Video of woman being hit by officer prompts changes

ST ALBANS, Vermont (AP) – The chief of a small Vermont police department in the United States (US) said he’s changed the use-of-force reporting policies in the aftermath of an altercation in which a handcuffed woman was thrown against a wall and punched in the face by a sergeant who was later fired.

St Albans Police Chief Gary Taylor said he did not become aware of the details of the March altercation until late May when he watched footage of it that was requested by the Vermont chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Now, Vermont State Police detectives are investigating the encounter between former St Albans police Sergeant Jason Lawton and a woman he arrested, Amy Connelly.

The video, some of it from a police body camera, shows the apparently intoxicated Connelly, 35, being thrown against a wall in the broom-closet-sized holding cell after she refuses to sit down. When she stands back up and tries to kick Lawton, he responds by punching her in the face.

In court documents, Lawton originally said the blow to the face was to gain control of the situation and that it ended her aggressive behaviour.

But Taylor said that was not what the footage showed.

“The minute I saw the video I was disturbed by what I saw and directed that there be an internal, administrative investigation conducted,” Taylor said on Thursday in his St Albans office.

The internal investigation began June 3. On June 12, Lawton was placed on administrative leave. By July 1, after the department’s internal procedures were followed, Lawton was fired.

An image from a surveillance video released shows a police officer strikes Amy Connelly in a holding cell at the police station in St Albans. – AP