UBD graduates share future plans

Wani Roslan

On the sidelines of Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s (UBD) 31st Convocation ceremony yesterday, several new graduates shared their struggles and future plans with the Bulletin.

Awangku Muhammad Hadri bin Pengiran Haji Yasmin, who graduated with first class honours in Historical Studies, said that he had to overcome many obstacles in the process.

Alhamdulillah through hard work and persistence, I have managed to surmount these obstacles and end up with excellent results,” he said.

As a fresh graduate, Awangku Muhammad Hadri is keeping his hopes up for employment opportunites.

“We need to go outside of our comfort zone or create our own opportunities in finding a job,” he said.

Nurafizzah binti Haji Muhd Khairun Nizam, a PhD graduate in Education, meanwhile, said that her studies were a difficult and exhausting experience.

“The most challenging part was collecting the data for my research. As my study involved parents, it was difficult for me to get them to be fully committed and motivated for the intervention programme,” she said.

Alhamdulillah, the parents were fully cooperative. Also, the great mentorship from my supervisors, plus a strong will to succeed, allowed me to conduct meaningful research with a real impact and within a maintainable time-frame.”

ABOVE & BELOW: Awangku Muhammad Hadri bin Pengiran Haji Yasmin, Nurafizzah binti Haji Muhd Khairun Nizam, Siti Faahirah binti Haji Rozaimee, Muhammad Muqri Moss, and Fatin Batrisyia Nadiah binti Haji Marzuki. PHOTOS: WANI ROSLAN

Nurafizzah is planning to do a research on special education in terms of a parental intervention programme, which is currently lacking.

Siti Faahirah binti Haji Rozaimee, another PhD holder who graduated in Applied Linguistics, said that she owes her success to reading books, gathering information in various areas and engaging in discussions with her lecturers or supervisors.

“My advice to the young generation is to make the most of their given opportunities,” she said, while thanking the Brunei Government for giving her the opportunity to complete the PhD programme, as well as the supervisors who provided her with guidance and her parents for their support.

Muhammad Muqri Moss, a Bachelor of Engineering graduate in Information and Communication with first class honours, told the Bulletin that one of his biggest challenges was overcoming his shyness.

“At university, giving out presentation is a common practice for every student, and I believe that it has helped me to become a more sociable person beyond the classroom environment,” he said.

Asked if he was worried about being unemployed, he said, “The fear of unemployment is common among graduates. I believe that to overcome this problem, you should apply for internship at a company and/or apply for external courses that may benefit that company.”

He added, “This helps the graduates to gain the experience that most present-day companies are looking for in their employees. Luckily, UBD offers a Discovery Year programme for students during their third year, where one of the options is to take an internship with appropriate companies or agencies, to experience the working life.”

Another graduate, Fatin Batrisyia Nadiah binti Haji Marzuki who obtained first class honours in Bachelor of Health Science in Biomedical Sciences said that among the challenges she faced was the pressure to complete all her assignments and having to make many sacrifices.

“I intend to do my post-graduate studies and perform more in-depth cancer research,” she said, while at the same time urging her fellow graduates to keep learning and acquiring new skills for their betterment.