Some treasured memories not meant for sharing

In this digitalised era we live in, I am concerned about the potential consequences of parents who share their precious memories of parenthood on social media.

I have a number of friends on social media who have become parents in recent years, and it is with delight that I follow their journeys through photos and videos.

However, it also with great alarm and horror that on a few occasions, some images on my feeds appeared, depicting my friends’ children in the bathroom setting as well.

I made anonymous reports to the administrator of the social media website to have these images removed for violating community standards of decency.

I must pose the question to parents: have you considered who can see these images and videos?

Even if your accounts are private, do you trust everybody in your friend list to have unrestricted access to these?

Have you thought of the potential and permanent consequences if these images are retained, shared and misused by anonymous viewers?

Do you think your child would want you sharing such aspects of their lives if they were of age and reason to speak for themselves?

Please understand, I fully sympathise that you simply wish to share your treasured memories of parenthood with friends and your intentions are pure.

It is in our culture: we love families, and you have taken a brave leap becoming parents. However, it is an unfortunate reality that not everybody on the net has kind intentions and can be trusted.

You would not share or display your most treasured and precious aspects of your lives for the whole world to see; likewise, the public does not deserve to have access to all aspects of your children’s lives, particularly those in the bathroom.

Your children do however deserve your love and concern for their safety and privacy online.

Worried Bruneian