Travellers love to meet their countrymen while on holiday

Ming Teoh

STAR2 – There is a saying that goes “Birds of a feather, flock together”. It is the same with travellers. A recent survey by digital travel platform Agoda reveals that travellers from a majority of countries would most likely want to meet their fellow countrymen while on holiday.

The top six countries where travellers would prefer to meet their own nationality when travelling are Japan (22 per cent), Australia (21 per cent), Thailand (19 per cent), China (18 per cent), Saudi Arabia (17 per cent), and Britain (16 per cent). Others are Indonesia with only seven per cent and United Arab Emirates with 10 per cent.

Meanwhile, an American is the most popular nationality to meet, with Agoda’s survey revealing that they rank in the top three countries for eight out of the 11 surveyed.

This appeal of American travellers stretches across continents, as it is revealed to be popular with travellers from Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, United States (US), Britain and Vietnam.

Surprisingly, despite Brexit, the British are the most in favour of meeting European travellers (45 per cent), followed by the Chinese, Australian and US travellers.

Also, Asians are more likely to want to meet other Asian travellers while on vacation.

Other interesting facts revealed by the survey include K-culture having a special place in the hearts of Indonesian and Malaysian travellers.

Regionally, the research reveals that travellers from the 11 countries surveyed largely prefer to encounter people from the West while they’re on holiday, with all countries placing Europe in their top three list, and six countries – US, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Japan and Australia – placing North America in their top three list.

Those from Asia also showed a keen preference to look out for other Asians while abroad, compared to those from the US, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Australia, while those from China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia rank South-East Asians as third among those they’d like to see while travelling.

Travellers from a majority of countries would most likely want to meet their fellow countrymen while on holiday