Tito Jackson looks to prove doubters wrong with new music

|    Jonathan Landrum Jr   |

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Even though Tito Jackson experienced fame with the Jackson 5, he heard the comments from Charles Barkley years ago, about him having an insignificant role in the group’s historic success.

Now, for anyone who believes that, Jackson is looking to change that narrative about his musical abilities through his new solo project. He recently released a new version of his 2017 song One Way Street, and is working on his sophomore album, which he said is expected to be released next year.

In 2010, NBA superstar-turned sports analyst Barkley dissed Jackson’s talents as a supporting cast member. Jackson, 65, said he still feels motivated to prove Barkley and other doubters wrong.

“I took that sort of personal,” he told The Associated Press in a recent interview, adding he’s never heard anyone say that. “He’s trying to say that I don’t contribute. So then I say, ‘Maybe it’s time they hear from me.’ I love Mr Barkley. I am not upset about it. But it just hurts in a way where I tried to do the right thing in life, you know, raise my sons as good young black men who do the right thing by people. But now, that time has come and I’m going to do my thing.”

Tito Jackson, a member of the Jackson 5. – AP