Students take part in sports trial

|     Daniel Lim     |

MORE than 100 Year 5 – Year 9 students from various schools in the Belait District participated in a roadshow and sports trial session organised by the Sports Development and Training Unit of the Co-Curriculum Education Department at Mumong Sports Complex in Kuala Belait yesterday morning.

The event was held for the students to try out a variety of sport activities currently being promoted by the Co-Curriculum Education Department and to aid the Sports Development and Training Unit in setting up a Centre of Training in the Belait District as a platform to develop and polish sporting talents and skills, especially among the youth in the district.

In an interview, Head of the Sports Development and Training Unit Umi Kalthum binti Abdul Katim explained that the Centre of Training is one of the many initiatives taken by the department to provide basic training for students.

“We had established a centre of training in the Temburong District earlier in April this year, now the Belait District is the next focus point for us,” she said.

She added that the purpose of the sports trial session was to give the students “a feel” on how the training will be conducted at the Centre of Training.

ABOVE & BELOW: Students learn about badminton; and students play football. – PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM

“The sports training conducted at the centre in the Belait District include football, netball and badminton, with plans to add on more (types of sports) in the future,” she said.

She said that the event’s other goals include instilling interest in sports from a grassroots level among the community to promote a healthy lifestyle, and to teach the students the importance of sports and sportsmanship.

“Our long-term goal for the centre of training is to scout out those who have potential in sports, and to develop, polish and harness the students’ latent abilities through training and friendly competitions in the hope that one day, they will not only be able to represent their district in inter-district competitions, but also represent the country in international tournaments in the future,” she continued.

During trials, the students were first briefed about the activities before breaking off into groups to partake in various short training lessons tailored to their levels of sporting ability. The lessons were led by coaches in football, netball and badminton at the multipurpose hall and football field of the sports complex.