Students learn about drug abuse prevention

James Kon

In the government’s continuous effort to spread awareness of the dangers of drug abuse among youth in the country, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), represented by Narcotics Officer Mohd Saifulazli Abdullah from the Drug Prevention Education Branch, gave an educational workshop on drug abuse prevention at Jigsaw Primary School.

The presentation was attended by 98 Year 5 and Year 6 students along with eight teachers consisting heads of department and subject teachers. The school’s CEO and Principal Helen Chin and Chief Operating Officer Dr Jimmy Chin were also present.

The participants were made aware of the different types of drugs, their ill effects on the body and their negative consequences on the overall well-being of a person’s life in health and in social aspects.

After his presentation, Mohd Saifulazli introduced the slogan ‘No Drugs at All’ (NDA) with the crossed-arm gesture to reinforce the message at the workshop.

Jigsaw Primary School students and staff in a group photo