Student creativity chines with 3D models

Mohamed Muadz

Students of the Higher National Diploma in Kemuda Institute, experienced an exciting and interactive module using Blender 3D. This is under the 3D Computer Modelling and Animation.

Cohorts of the September 16 Higher National Diploma intake had created some 3D models and basic animations using Blender 3D. They had to put in a lot Blood Sweat and Tears into the practice, just to familiarise themselves with the complex interface of Blender as well as the techniques and methods of executing an effective and working animation.

Students had to learn the theory behind basic animation first, which then translates to the smooth and natural movements of an animation, as well as the preparation pipeline and hours it takes to animate a simple two minute scene. Students have also studied about low-poly models and animations, as well as the machines and hardware that are needed to sacrifice the massive hours of rendering an animation, in their highest quality.

ABOVE & BELOW: Kemuda Institute students with their 3D models