Stay away from junk food, fizzy drinks

The report ‘Bruneians topping overweight obese population’ published in the Sunday Bulletin on August 25 should be an eye opener to all of us.

According to the report one out of two children over five years are overweight or obese.

This does not sound good because this means our future generation is going to be sick. We as parents should take action to keep away our children from eating junk food and sweet drinks.

I have seen children at shopping malls armed with junk food and sweet drinks.

Imagine if they consume a packet of junk food and two bottles of sweet drinks a day? In the long run they will become unhealthy.

The children should be encouraged to eat nutritious food and drink plenty of water. Instead of junk food why not encourage to eat fruits.

Shops in Brunei Darussalam have a variety of fresh fruit and they are not over priced as well.

Water is also available unlike in some countries.

Health is wealth and I think we all should start thinking of sending our children in the right direction before it gets too late.

Healthy dad