Start a low-sugar lifestyle

Sugar plays an important role in providing your body with the energy it needs for the day. However, taking in excess sugar can be detrimental to health.

That is why controlling your sugar intake is important.

Get started on living a low-sugar lifestyle today and this is where NH Gluco-K comes in handy. Available at all Guardian outlets, NH Gluco-K is made from Gymnema leaf, Bitter Melon, Green Tea and Stevia Leaf inspired from the remedies of Ayurveda. These four beneficial botanicals work to help you outsmart sugar.

Gymnena has long been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine to improve health problems.

It is especially beneficial for diabetic patients as it can help reduce glucose absorption for balanced blood sugar levels as well as fight sugar cravings.

Bitter melon, which is also known as bitter gourd is used in herbal medicines and is commonly found in Asian dishes. It offers many health benefits and one of them is managing blood sugar. Green tea is often consumed for its high antioxidant content and also helps reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Studies have confirmed that Stevia Leaf, a sweet-tasting leave, helps balance blood sugar.

NH Gluco-K can help reduce the body absorption of glucose and assist diabetics better in controlling and stabilising blood sugar levels.

Non-diabetic can also take it as a leisure tea for a perfect wind down after meals. It also helps enhance digestion and fight sugar cravings. It is recommended to take one teabag after a meal, once or twice daily.

NH Gluco-K contains only all-natural herbs with no sugar and drugs added.

According to Food Balance Sheets (FAOSTAT 2013), Malaysian adults consume nearly 30 teaspoons of sugar on average daily.

This far exceeds the recommended sugar intake of 12 teaspoons per day by World Health Organization (WHO).