SMSUA attends Japanese speech contest

SAYYIDINA Umar Al-Khattab Secondary School (SMSUA) and other secondary schools as well as Universiti Brunei Darussalam participated in a Japanese Speech contest at the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) Saiful Rijal Campus on March 13.

Nurul Atikah and Safwah Zulaikha represented our school in the contest.

The contest was divided into three categories – Beginners, Basic Japanese and Intermediate Japanese. SMSUA chose to present the first contest, which was held in the morning. SMSUA were the 5th contestants to present on stage. After the first competition, students were given a break in the afternoon and the other two categories followed after lunch. At 3pm, all the winners were announced and the prizes were awarded for each category. SMSUA won first place and received a pen from Japan, a calendar, a certificate and a trophy.

This contest gave students an opportunity to try a new experience and help boost their confidence in public speaking, which is a common problem among students. Confidence will help them socialise. The event also gave students knowledge about Japan and Japanese culture.

SMSUA won first place. It was achieved by having rehearsals a week before the contest and with the help of their teacher. He helped them to give the best performance they could, as it was their first time joining this type of event. Confidence is key. The ability to combine entertainment and speech will help you win. Their teacher suggested that students add in comedy, which resulted in a huge positive response from the audience.

Because of our achievement, our school was chosen to exhibit Bruneian culture to selected Japanese students on July 27. Five students aged 10 to 14 were selected including their supervisor. Some of our students were given the opportunity to show them our culture at the booths.

At the exhibition, they witnessed a Silat demonstration, our robotics by the technology booth, played traditional games, witnessed how Bruneian marriages are done and tried our traditional food. They also showcased their culture, which included a traditional tea ceremony, Japanese calligraphy, origami and a choir.

The exhibition aimed to showcase our culture and strengthen the bonds between Japan and Brunei. It also helped students to befriend foreigners and encourage them to try out new things.

To achieve better relationships between our two countries, we have to be more confident to better present our culture. It is also important to be friendlier for foreigners to be more comfortable around us. – Nurul Atikah Nazirah binti Ishak

Nurul Atikah and Safwah Zulaikha with their award