More public awareness on strays needed; spaying best way to control population growth

I REFER to the letter ‘Harassed by stray dogs at Latifuddin Complex’ by Kami Prihatin published on the Opinion page of the Weekend Bulletin on August 3.

I would like to thank the writer for raising the issue on the matter of stray dogs.

However, I would like to highlight that I personally know the person who cares for the strays at the area mentioned.

Let us call him Person A.

As far as I know, Person A not only feeds the dogs there but is also strict in keeping the area clean, albeit from dogs or passersby.

File photo of stray dogs. The writer believes that public awareness on strays is important. – AFP

The last thing Person A wants is to have the dogs be blamed for any sort of mess as stray dogs are often highlighted as a menace.

I also know that the dogs will not bark, what more attack, without any possible causes that in any way act as a threat to them.

I wish to also highlight the importance for the public to have awareness for these strays especially dogs.

It is without having awareness that one is often so swift to judge or categorise them a whole as a danger or threat.

These dogs are beautiful creatures.

They were dumped and in worst cases, abused.

Now they are living on the streets, feeding off scraps and drain water.

They have no place to take shelter without being chased away or beaten.

It is no wonder with such treatment some of these dogs are hostile as it is their way of taking precautions.

Believe me when I say there are good people out there who are trying to save these dogs, every day.

But with that being said, we need the public to understand that it cannot be done within a day.

By saving a life today, two or more dogs and pups are being dumped tomorrow.

It is a vicious cycle that is endless and we can only do our very best.

The best solution would be to bring these dogs to the vet to get them spayed.

This can limit the growth of strays in Brunei.

I would like to highlight that spaying is not cheap as it can cost up to BND150 to BND300.

Volunteers who bring these strays to be spayed are paying from their own pocket.

The end result will only be obvious in the next three to four years but it is still the best and most humane method.

I grew up seeing cases where dogs were poisoned and it was “supposedly the best method” for us to use up till now.

Where is the humanity?

There are much better alternatives than to just simplify everything by poisoning them or relocating them in places they would not have access to both food and water thus leaving them to die of extreme malnourishment.

To raise an issue, one has to also come up with the alternatives for it.

We should not in any way harm these poor animals as they already have it rough, every single day.

Having pets equate to a huge commitment.

Humans dump these animals when they are no longer able to commit because it is taking a huge toll on their time and financial stability.

In the end these animals suffer.

People of Brunei, please have compassion and try to compromise.

I solely believe in humanity not just amongst us but to animals as well.

We are better than this.

– Voice for the Voiceless