No system upgrades since OneBiz system introduced

THE Authority for Building Control and Construction Industry (ABCi), Ministry of Development would like to refer to the letter ‘System Upgrade Causing Delays In Approvals?’ by Invest0r, published in the Opinion page of the Weekend Bulletin on August 10.

ABCi thanks the writer for expressing his/her concern and would like to highlight that the processing time for getting an Occupation Permit (OP) is seven days.

The Qualified Persons (QP) or the Registered Building Draughtsman (RBD) are responsible in submitting Occupation Permit applications online via the OneBiz portal.

SMS notifications will be issued to the QP/RBD and the developer/landowner to notify the status of the application with the OneBiz Reference Number.

Alternatively, the application status may be checked in the search bar at with the OneBiz Reference Number.

This is to ensure transparency on the submission status between the ABCi, QP/RBD and the developer/landowner.

ABCi would like to inform the public that there has been no system upgrade with regards to Occupation Permit submissions since the OneBiz system was introduced in May 2016.

The authority encourages the writer (Invest0r) to visit ABCi or to contact us directly so that we may look into his/her

case further and help clarify this matter.

ABCi’s counter is open on Monday or Thursday (8am to 11am/2pm to 4pm) or contact ABCi’s hotline via SMS/WhatsApp at +6738140365.

Authority for Building Control and Construction Industry