New experience for youth during Wasai Teraja, Belulok expedition

Daniel Lim

Students and youth from various schools in the Belait District experienced a unique trail through the heart of Borneo as part of a programme organised by the Youth and Sports Department, Belait District Branch; called Jejak Wasai Teraja dan Jejak Wasai Belulok 2019.

A total of 53 members of the Youth Association and secondary students from Belait District convened at the Mumong Sports Complex early in the morning for the rural area of the Belait District and headed towards the Teraja Longhouse which marked the first pit stop of the programme.

Aimed at helping to fill the youth’s free time with activities focussed on developing their character, the programme also sought to help introduce the young generation to the pristine waterfall area, while promoting the significance of the area as an eco-tourism initiative.

The participating students and youth were welcomed to the Teraja Longhouse by Secretary of the Teraja Longhouse Committee Gaung Jamit, who briefed the participants about the surrounding area of Teraja and Belulok, following a warm-up session and Doa Selamat.

The group also took part in team-building activities and Youth Community Service.

Students and youth at the Teraja Waterfall. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM