Latest Jaguar XE boasts latest innovations

James Kon

AS one of the most affordable premium range of Jaguar, the latest Jaguar XE 2019 brings a much improved power and luxury designs compared to its predecessor.

Indera Motors Sdn Bhd, the official retailer of Jaguar in the country, unveiled the new Jaguar XE to local media representatives yesterday morning. Product Analyst from Indera Motors Sdn Bhd Ahmad Sajaad bin Haji Rusli briefed the journalist.

Inspired by F-TYPE, the Jaguar XE is packed with enhancements, innovations and technology.

A refreshed cockpit-style interior offers outstanding levels of comfort while the raised centre console adds to its sportiness. With the SportShift Selector, JaguarDrive Control and Touch Pro Duo at the centre, the driver can easily connect to the car’s innovations.

The JaguarDrive Control has a selection of modes from Comfort, Eco, Dynamic and Rain. Each mode has its own tailor-made programme which alters different parameters, such as engine and transmission response, steering feel, parasitic load management or traction and stability control.

Product Analyst from Indera Motors Sdn Bhd Ahmad Sajaad Haji Rusli, explains about the new Jaguar XE PHOTO: JAMES KON

The Touch Pro Duo is an innovative twin-screen system, providing a 10″ upper touchscreen and 5.5″ lower touchscreen. The benefit of having a lower screen is to allow dual-tasking, for example, navigation mapping on the upper screen and climate controls and access to other features – such as entertainment – on the lower screen.

Located below the console and in front of the SportShift Selector is the wireless device charger. This technology is new to Jaguar, and XE is the first of Indera Motors’ cars to feature it.

Another innovation is the ClearSight interior rear view mirror to steer away from any obstruction by passengers in the second row seats. A video feed from a rear-facing camera allows the driver to see the road behind regardless of passengers who may block the rear view.

Under the bonnet is a raging engine, The Ingenium 2.0 litre four-cylinder 250PS Turbocharged Petrol engine produces 365Nm of torque and delivers outstanding fuel economy and drivability.

Beside the New Jaguar XE 2019, media representatives were also briefed on the Jaguar Special Edition XJ50.

Originally one of the many experimental projects, the XJ was classified as an eXperimental Jaguar. It has a refined engine, a lighting fast transmission and a range of advanced driving technologies.

The XJ50 delivered the refinement of a luxury car with the responsiveness and driver involvement of a sports car. The subtle chrome of XJ50 badging on the side vents and boot lid distinguish this flagship Jaguar from its counterpart.

The public can take a closer look at the new Jaguar XE and XJ50 on August 17 – 18 from 10am to 5pm at the Indera Motors showroom at Lambak Kanan Industrial area.