Lack of transportation services from BIA unfounded

THE Brunei Darussalam Taxi Association would like to refer to ‘Difficult to find transportation from BIA late at night’ and ‘More transportation options for airport needed’ by Desperate Commuter and Annoyed User, published in the Opinion page of the Bulletin on August 7 and 10.

Clarifying on taxi services at the Brunei International Airport (BIA), the association rejects the allegation that there were no taxis available.

Taxis at the BIA operate almost 24/7.

A group of taxis would operate from early morning until late evening followed by another group taking over until the arrival of passengers from the day’s last flight.

This cycle continues almost everyday with some taxi drivers stationed at the BIA for two to three consecutive days and nights.

There are also travel agents, car rentals, hotel pick up vehicles, buses and unlicensed private car operators providing more than sufficient transportation services from the BIA.

To claim that there is a lack or no transportation services is unfounded.

Perhaps the writers could specify the date and time when there were no transportation available.

Complaints can also be made to Darussalam line 123 if there are any taxi operators charging excessive fares.

Customers can also book taxi services in advance at the BIA and at other taxi stands in Brunei-Muara area to ensure ease of mind after overseas trips.

– Committee Members, Brunei Darussalam Taxi Association