Kim Woo-bin sends supportive gift to Shin Min-ah

Kim Woo-bin recenty sent a sweet gift to his girlfriend, Shin Min-ah.

He sent a coffee truck to the set of Chief of Staff to show his support for Shin Min-ah who is currently filming the second season of the series, according to Soompi.

The coffee truck business Support Truck uploaded photos of the coffee truck and wrote, “A support truck full of Kim Woo-bin’s sincerity has arrived on the set of Chief of Staff for the cast and crew.” Kim Woo-bin also wrote a banner that said, “I support the cast and crew of Chief of Staff, especially Shin Min-ah.”

While Shin Min-ah is on the set Chief of Staff, Kim Woo-bin is focussing on recovering after being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in May 2017. The couple first met in July 2015 while filming an ad.

The second season of Chief of Staff is aiming to premiere in mid-November.