Kim Jaejoong goes for a new stage name in Japan

Prior to releasing his Japanese album, Love Covers, Jaejoong will perform under a new stage name, J-JUN, in Japan. The album is set to be released on September 18, according to AllKpop.

In Love Covers, Jaejoong will cover seven famous Japanese love songs such as I love you by Mika Nakashima; Mirai Yosouzu II by DREAMS COME TRUE; First Love by Utada Hikaru; Melody by Koji Tamaki; Kanade by Sukima Switch; Chicken Rice by Masatochi Hamada and Noriyuki Makihara; and Forget-Me-Not by Yutaka Ozaki.

Jaejoong selected the songs based on the theme ‘Love’ which is expressed in many different forms. This album will be available under two versions. The first version is the Regular Edition that comes with the CD and the other version is the FanClub Edition, which includes the CD and a photobook.