JPD on the move to nab bad eggs

Azlan Othman

OVER 250 offences under the road traffic section were detected until mid 2019 by the Land Transport Department (JPD) during a series of operations dubbed ‘On the move’ with cooperation from the Royal Brunei Police Force.

Driving unsafe vehicles topped the list numbering 115 followed by 61 offences of carrying excessive goods.

Thirty-one offences of driving with bald tyres, 29 with default metres, 12 offences of parking vehicles dangerously or at prohibited areas and 11 offences of items spilling from vehicles were also recorded.

JPD also recorded nine offences where vehicles had protruding goods, four with vehicles sans mudguard, three failing to use the left lane, three using inappropriate vehicles in terms of structure and using for other purposes and endangering other road users and three offences where vehicles did not have default or rear light reflectors.

Two for not wearing seat belts, two for vague car registration plate, one for a loud car exhaust and one where the light was not properly installed were the other offences.

A person can be fined BND200 for the first offence and BND4,000 for the second offence while for the third offence, an offender can be produced before court under Section 68 of the Road Rules Act. A total of 12 demerit points can also be imposed on the offender.

Meanwhile, nine drivers were fined for using mobile phones in the first six months of this year compared to 10 drivers in the same period last year. Two drivers were charged for not using the safety belt while driving from January to June this year compared to 17 drivers in the same period last year.

During operations on heavy vehicles and unmanned trailers, the JPD found that no fault was recorded in the areas monitored frequently. However, in other areas, the JPD found that the offence was committed by the driver/owner whose heavy vehicles and trailers were found to be parked in unauthorised areas and could endanger the public and road users.

In an operation on August 22 night, several heavy vehicles and trailers owned by D&J Transport Services and Brunei Transporting Company were found to have violated rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, a foreign driver of heavy vehicles was fined BND50 in Serasa on August 21 while the JPD also issued a three-month suspension notice of their Hire and Reward Licence to a transport company.

Penalties are imposed on drivers failing to park vehicles in specified areas. For the first offence a person can be fined BND50, second offence BND150, third offence BND300, fourth offence BND500 and for the subsequent offence, the driver can be produced before court.

Meanwhile, the car rental and rental licence of the transport company can also be suspended for three months. The JPD reminded operators and owners of transport companies to ensure that their companies’ heavy and commercial vehicle drivers park their vehicles in the designated areas instead of along the side of the road.

The JPD also reminded heavy vehicle drivers to exercise caution and adhere to the speed limits set especially at night.