JKR working to rectify Meragang water disruption

Danial Norjidi

The Public Works Department (JKR), Ministry of Development informed residents of RPN Kampong Meragang that work to investigate and repair the water supply situation is underway.

According to a press release from JKR, the low water pressure or lack of water supply in the area is likely due to a pipe leak, however the department has not yet been able to detect it and inspection is still underway.

The department said that every step has been taken to address the water supply disruption.

The Department has increased the supply of blue tanks and jerry cans which are located at the RPN Meragang Recreational Park. People are advised to bring their own bottles and water containers. JKR noted that the number of jerry cans is limited while water bags have been provided if necessary.

The department requested the cooperation of all to limit water usage. Public can contact Darussalam hotline at 123 for any water supply or quality issues.