Jinsol, Subin cast in ‘A-TEEN’ spin-off web drama

Faruq Bostaman

APRIL’s Jinsol and VICTON’s Subin will be starring in a new web drama You, the One I Met Again.

The Playlist Studio’s drama deals with the friendships between 17-year old-boys and girls who hold their own secrets.

The drama will be set in Seoyeon High School from A-TEEN and follow the stories of each character.

Playlist Studio stated, “As the sequel to the much-loved A-TEEN, we prepared this new web drama, which will showcase the impact of secrets that exist among friends. Please look forward to the irreplaceable charms and performances of Jinsol (Da Som) and Subin (Ah Sung), one of the friends who grows after experiencing the effects of the secrets.”

The studio also revealed that it will reveal other key characters soon, according to Soompi.

APRIL’s Jinsol (L) and VICTON’s Subin. PHOTO: SOOMPI

Subin will take on the role of Jo Ah Sung, a friendly and warmhearted character who treasures both love and friendship.

Jo Ah Sung and Da Som (Jinsol) will be popular among their freshman class at Seoyeon High School.

The meeting between Kim Ha Na (APRIL’s Naeun), a senior student at Seoyeon High School, and Da Som is also expected to draw attention.

Jinsol debuted in 2015 as a member of APRIL in 2015 with A-TEEN star Naeun. Fans are excited to see Jinsol’s performance in You, the One I Met Again, as she is bright and cheerful both on stage and in variety shows.

Subin made his debut as a VICTON member in 2016. After promoting as an idol with tracks such as I’m Fine and Time of Sorrow, Subin will be making his acting debut through You, the One I Met Again.

He previously hinted at filming for the show during the group’s V Live broadcast celebrating their 1,000-day anniversary. The web drama will premiere on September 8.